Why Choose Aura Website Design

Why Choose Aura Website Design

We are Sunshine Coast locals who provide professional websites at an affordable price. Our websites are all mobile responsive and use a content management system, this means they are easy for website owners to use and update.

We design, build and set up your website for you. We do not sub contract to other agencies, which means you will be dealing direct with the person who designs your website. Should you require ongoing support or additional future development of your website we will provide this for you

Pre Sales Questions

We have included some of the frequently asked pre sales questions below. Our goal is to provide you with a friendly, professional and efficient service at the best price. We will take the time to explain anything you are not sure of in plain English, if your question is not answered below please contact us here


1How much do websites cost?
There is no simple answer to this because our websites are customised for our clients. They each may require different functionality, for example an e-commerce solution or online shop will cost more than a standard website. As a guide however, we can build a website from only $1450; the average cost for a small business website is around $1750.00 – It is best to ask us though, because we offer free quotes with absolutely no obligation.
2I am not technical and need help with the process, do you offer this?
Yes we are more than happy to help you with any part of the process. In fact, most of our clients don’t want to waste time trying to understand the process, they simply want a website! We will take care of everything, all we need is some basic information from you so that we can set up the necessary framework, this usually takes 15 – 20 mins and can be done over the telephone.
3How do I get a domain name?
Domain names are obtained through a registrar, this is a simple process and we help our clients with this.
4What is hosting and do I need it?
Hosting is where your website is stored on a server. A server is essentially a computer where your website will live allowing web users to access it. Yes you will need hosting. Most of our packages include fully managed hosting so you don't have to worry about this.
5How much does hosting cost?
Hosting is relatively inexpensive and the cost depends on what is required, for example a standard website will require less resources and will cost less. Costs for hosting will vary between providers and it is best to avoid cheap hosting. Standard website hosting with a reputable company is approximately $35 – $45 per month
6Do you provide hosting?
Yes, our hosting is completely managed which means we take care of the setup and administration of the hosting for you. With this option you do not gain access to the servers control panel as we take care of this for you. This is the safest solution for most users as they do not have the technical expertise to use the server, this reduces the risk of causing issues such as deleting your website or damaging the database.
7Can I use my own host?
Yes, but there are a few things you need to know. The package prices shown on this website are based on hosting your website with us - if you decide to move your web hosting there will be an additional fee and some of the features/services will no longer work. Our packages include your first year of hosting and updates etc... If you are planning on using your own host please contact us first for pricing and details - we will need to have access to the control panel of your server to check if the hosting is suitable. We are not responsible for your hosting if the server fails or does not have enough resources. Please contact us for more information.
8What does CMS mean and what is it?
CMS is short for content managed system, this means a website that is fundamentally designed to allow easy updating and administration by the owner without the need for technical training. We exclusively use WordPress - the most used system in the world. Please contact us for more information.
9How long does it take to build a website?
This depends on the individual requirements of your website. Most standard websites take around 14 working days to complete, after approval of the design and receiving your content. If you wish to insert your own content we will populate the website with data which you can easily replace with your own.
10Can you help with colours and a logo?
Yes we can make some colour suggestions based on your industry, products or services. We can also help with a logo design that compliments your business. If you already have a logo and colours we can design a website that uses these. If you want a fresh new look we offer a re-branding package that will breath new life into your business.
11Can you renovate my old website?
Yes, we have successfully updated and renovated many websites. We can give your old website a fresh new look and convert it to a content managed system – This means you can make changes and update it yourself if required. Your new website will also be mobile responsive making it friendly for users on multiple devices and screen sizes.
12Can you help with SEO?
Yes, we offer SEO - search engine optimisation packages to suit all budgets. Our packages include ongoing SEO as well as”one off” SEO – Ongoing SEO is most effective as the data is regularly analysed and changes are made to the website to capitalise on users habits, search terms and engagement. One off SEO is suited to smaller businesses and involves discovering keywords and key phrases that users may enter into search engines to find your website. This data is then used to maximise the opportunities presented when a visitor lands on your website.
13What is a mobile responsive website?
A mobile responsive website is designed to display correctly on multiple devices and screens sizes. For example if you visit this website with a mobile device you will see that it changes to accommodate your device, this is critical for your business because more users are searching for products or services with their mobile phones, etc. Google now only lists mobile friendly websites in its search results from mobile users, this means you could be ignoring millions of potential customers!
14Do you build shopping carts?
Yes we build complete eCommerce websites using woocommerce. Woocommerce is one of fastest growing eCommerce solutions available.

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